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Computer Monitors

Monitors are one of the main elements of the computer.In the first place, customers usually pay attention to the processor, video card and memory.The display is responsible for the convenience during use of the PC, so it is important to give special attention to its selection.

Now a wide range of models are available for sale, which differ depending on the purpose.Separately highlight products for photographers, gamers and office workers.

How to choose monitors for a computer?

In the catalogs of stores, you can find a lot of offers depending on the image, features, size and design. Characteristics also affect the final cost of the product, so you should pay special attention to the search.

To ensure that the monitor meets all the needs and does not cause discomfort, you should choose the optimal diagonal and proportions. The most universal are wide-screen versions with a resolution of 16: 9 and 16:10. Since it is not recommended to place the screen closer than 50-70 cm to the eyes, do not buy models more than 22 inches. Displays 25-32 "with standard proportions should be a meter or more from a person. Usually, these products are chosen for games, to spend time comfortably sitting in a chair. Ultra-wide-format displays are known for their large width and small height. The presence of a bend facilitates the review and is designed for watching movies. Additionally, the displays are divided into:

  • Ultra HD;
  • Frameless (Cinema screen);
  • Flicker-Free;
  • Quantum Dot;
  • 3D support;
  • Curved screen;
  • Rotary screen.

Another criterion is the type of matrix. To date, there are three main types:

  • The monitor with IPS / PLS matrix - has a rather high cost and an average response time. This is an excellent solution for designers and photographers due to the increased requirements for color reproduction. Additionally equipped with information panels.
  • The monitor with TN matrix - differs in an affordable price, but low quality of color reproduction and contrast. Therefore, this option is suitable for undemanding users.
  • The monitor with VA matrix - assumes reception of high quality of the image at the low price. These models are usually chosen for home use.

The frame rate of the monitor will affect the refresh rate of the image. On the LCD panels, the image is static, but the pixels change their location. The standard is 60 Hz, which is enough for work, watching a movie or the Internet. Holders of the "eagle eye" will stop at the displays with a higher update speed.

The brightness will indicate the power of the backlight. For many monitors, this figure varies from 200 to 1000 nt. In offices with insufficient lighting this feature is not so important, but in very bright rooms the insufficient illumination will worsen the picture because of what it is much more difficult to perceive the information.

To connect the device to the image source, you must select a compatible interface. Modern models are equipped with ports VGA, DVI, HDMI, Display Port. Therefore, before buying, please specify which of the standards is suitable for your PC.

What additional parameters to pay attention to?

The presence of secondary functions will greatly facilitate the operation process. Some brands supplement their products with adjustable feet and a pivoting mechanism. This property will be of interest to people working with graphics.

Built-in monitor acoustics will save space on the desktop, ensure normal conditions for communication in Skype and listening to music. Thanks to a webcam with a microphone it will be possible to freely exchange voice messages without using special accessories. Due to the presence of USB ports it is possible to connect USB flash drives and other devices without using the connectors of the system unit. With the VESA mount, you can fix the device on the wall using a standard bracket.

Before placing an order, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the characteristics and description of the proposed products. In addition, you can read user feedback, which will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of the product they encountered during operation. In case of difficulties, contact the manager.

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